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The Midlands AnoRectal UltraSonography (MARUS) Course

This is a one day endoanal and endorectal ultrasound course.  It includes  lectures, discussions and workshop with hands-on experience.  The course is geared towards all those involved in colorectal imaging and  management - doctors (consultants and residents), nurses and technicians


Tuesday 12th May 2015


Education Centre,


Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Mindelsohn Way. B15 2WB





Course Co-ordinator:

Dr Manijeh Ghods-Ghorbani

Course Director:

Olufunso Adedeji




On completion, participants should be able to:

1.  understand the basic principles and physics of ultrasonography

2.  understand the technique and principles of image interpretation

3.  describe the normal anatomy of the anus and the rectum

4.  set up the equipment for examination

5.  describe the indications and limitations of the technique

Joanne Hayes

Instrument Station with Joanne Hayes


This course is suitable for clinical CPD

First chance to learn excellent programme and content. Candidate I; May 2013

Very relevant to my practice Candidate II; May 2013

What the candidates said:  (Full reports)

Concise, well delivered, clear lecturers. 2010

Good breadth of topics covered by experienced faculty. 2006

Overall an excellent course with good balance between theory and practice, 2005

The practical application.  Excellent to enlist volunteers, 2004

Good value for money, 2008

What the patients said

“A very interesting experience. Very well looked after with personal attention”, Mrs MW

“As he spoke to graduates, I could relate to my operation. Very good”. Ms PL

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