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What candidates said about the course.  Full reports  2004, 2005,  2006,  2008


The MARUS Course, Birmingham. May 2006”date (all faculty).  The numerical award of CME points was discontinued by the Senate of Surgery of Great Britain and Ireland in Great Britain (see letter).  The course is suitable for clinical CPDs.  Participants continue to score the lectures and the practical sessions very highly for content, presentation and relevance.  Click on year 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011 for full reports


The MARUS Course, Birmingham.  May 2005 (all faculty).  The course was approved for 6 CME points.  The faculty  scored the lectures an average of 8.5 and 8.4 for content and presentation  respectively and 8.7 for both content and presentation in the practical  sessions.  Click  for full report


The North England Ano-Rectal Ultrasound (NEARUS) Course in May 2004 in Sunderland, UK.  (O. Adedeji, G. Duthie, P. Giordano). The course was approved for 6 CME points. Participants scored the course for it’s content a median of 8.6 for content, 8.2 for presentation and 9.1 for relevance.  Click for full report.


Endoanal ultrasound course during the ACPGBI meeting in Birmingham on the 28th June 2004 (P. Guest, J. Hayes, S. Radley, G Williams).



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